OpenLabs-Ghana to start operation in Upper East Region

One of Ghana’s leading ICT training institutes, OpenLabs-Ghana, formally NIIT-Ghana is set to start operation in the Upper East region, to offer residents the opportunity to have access to world-class ICT training in all areas.

The institute which started its operation in Ghana some two decades ago, with learning campuses in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Tamale, and Takoradi, has started a process to start training in the Upper East region.

For many years, people in the Upper East Region who are interested in gaining world-class practical and theoretical training with OpenLabs-Ghana had to…

UDS and OpenLabs NIIT Ghana takes a major step towards digital transformation in the Northern Region of Ghana

From left to right(Prince Charles Boateng-HeadTamale Centre, Sujith JayaprakashDirector at OpenLabs, Vice-Chancellor UDS(Gabriel Ayum Teye), Deputy Director, UDS International Relations & Advancement (Dr. Courage K. S. Saba)

OpenLabs NIIT Ghana signed an MoU with the University of Development Studies to offer digital learning programs for their distance education students. This is a major step towards digital transformation in the northern part of Ghana where the internet is still at its nascent stage. According to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Gabriel Ayum Teye, the University has been instrumental in major developments in northern Ghana and this will be another milestone in bringing the much-needed change of the hour. …

Our sequel continues... Last week, we outlined why Cyber Security is one of the courses to consider in 2021 and the career opportunities it offers. This week, we will be discussing the next top 2021 programme — Data Analytics

Did you know that data-driven businesses are twice as profitable and eight times more likely to grow than their peers? Research organized by IDC has found that nearly 50% of organizations are deriving less than half of the potential value from their data because of gaps in data management. …

If you’re thinking of a career in the tech world, you may as well consider Cyber Security. The technology may not appear to be an emerging one considering that it has been around for a while, but it is developing just as other technologies are.

Let’s discuss why you should study cyber security in 2021.

There has been a rouse for a Certificate in Cyber Security in Ghana and people are getting interested day by day. In this century, it’s no news that everything happens online. …

Undoubtedly, It is an ideal time to set your goals on technology.

Technology is the new messiah in the post-pandemic world. From delivery apps to virtual doctor consultations, there has been a sudden shift to virtual events. Technological innovations have led the way in allowing individuals and brands to function in their work and lives regardless of the recent new wave of the virus. As consumers are moving dramatically towards online channels, companies and industries have also responded in turn.

Ironically, we as a nation lack technically skilled professionals. …

image by Francis Kokoroko

Digital transformation is getting more trendy among policy-makers, economists, and industry leaders about its societal impact. We will all agree that for some time now, we have been in a new stage of transformation where corporations and countries are focused on equipping themselves with advanced technologies and new business models to catch up with the fast-changing world. The question is, is this digital transformation making a positive contribution to our society?

In my view, it is. Information Technology is playing an incredible role in making human lives easier. It has added value to society and has also been of great…

The Internet of things, basically IoT, refers to the numerous physical devices that are now connected online, collecting and sharing data. With the use of computer chips and wireless networks, it’s possible to turn anything into an area of the IoT. Connecting from these different objects and working with sensors to them brings a level of digital intelligence to devices which can be boring and plain. These connections and innovations enable them to take real-time data without involving citizenry, thus making the world around us smarter and more responsive whiles combining the digital and physical universes.

Pretty much any object…

JobFactory, a massive open online course provider promoted by Openlabs is partnering with the National Union Ghana Students to offer online training for students across the country.

This partnership which was signed on the 20th of November 2020 is aimed at equipping students in Ghana with modern technology skills to meet future demands and to promote the necessity of skilled learning at an affordable rate.

Technology influence and automation mean that work in the future might look different from what it is today and thus, require a change in set of skills. This is where Jobfactory and NUGS collaborates with…

Sujith Jayaprakash, and Joana Ivy Abbiw, General Manager, Sales and Marketing NIIT OpenLabs with the award

Information Technology (IT) education centre, NIIT OpenLabs, has won the ‘Best IT Training and Consulting Company of the Year’ award at the 2020 Ghana Business Awards.

This is the second time NIIT OpenLabs has been recognized as a leader in IT training in the country.

NIIT OpenLabs Director and Business Head, Sujith Jayaprakash, commenting on the award said, “It is exciting, as a team, we are all energized and motivated by this award.”

He said this year’s award points to the fact that NIIT…

The education system in Ghana, has effectively been on a stand still since the lockdown was announced . Re opening dates for students have been extended and most student find themselves doing nothing at home as opposed to the times, when teenagers were busy with, school, friends, hobbies etc. JHS/SHS graduates now at home also have a lot of free time on their hands.

Now, children are growing up in a transforming world. Technology, migration, climate change and conflict are reshaping society, forcing people across the globe to adapt to unexpected changes in their lives and work.

To keep up…

NIIT OpenLabs Ghana

Ghana’s #1 IT Training Institution Est. 1999

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